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Welcome to Propell

As one of the largest valuation companies in Australia, property intelligence™ defines who we are and what we do. It drives our passion to be number one.

A responsive, progressive business, we are experts with integrity. Offering residential, commercial and business valuations, as well as a broad range of advisory services and an expert buyers advocacy team, we have invested heavily in market intelligence and new technology to ensure you stay ahead and make the right decisions.

We are ambitious and ready to bring you the research, analysis and information you demand.

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We are a secure, reputable practice specialising in residential, commercial and business valuations, advisory services and buyers advocacy.

We understand the crucial role valuations play in your financial decision making. Banks, property developers and owners, businesses, investors and fund managers alike all rely on the timely and accurate delivery of the valuation process.

It is this understanding, attention to detail and precision that has seen us attain panel positions with all major Australian banks.

We are here to be your strategic partner. We will support you and your decision making with informed, detailed and astute information and intelligence.

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Latest Research

Keeping informed of property market movements can be difficult due to the volumes of information, often speculative, that is presented on a daily basis. Propell’s researchers simplify the process by providing comprehensive, well-structured and easy to read research reports covering multiple sub-markets across Australia.

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